1292 Allentown Road
Lansdale, PA 19446


Mon - Fri 8.30am - 5.00pm
Saturday - Sunday CLOSED

Notice to Applicants

Thank you for your interest in Advanced Living Communities. We wanted to make future applicants aware that on March 31, 2019 Advanced Living will close the waiting list for its buildings (not The Manor) that have both 20% (if your income is not above $12,240 for an individual and not above $14,000 for couple) and 40% (*Terrace only* if your income falls not above $24,480 for an individual and $28,000 for a couple in Montgomery County). All applications must be completed and returned to the Advanced Living office, or postmarked by March 31, 2019, to be added to the waiting list. New applications will not be accepted while the waiting list is closed, and you will receive a rejection letter.

All applicants currently on the waiting lists will be processed according to Fair Housing policies and procedures. Applicants are placed on the waiting list by date and time of application. It is important for applicants to keep their address and phone number updated with Advanced Living and to respond to any notices sent by Advanced Living. For more information, contact the Advanced Living office at 1292 Allentown Road, Lansdale, PA 19446 or (215) 362-0227 or by fax at (267) 222-1008.